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Sourcing and Purchasing

  • Research and shortlist the best manufacturers based on the product line and needs of the consumers
  • Mapping and developing a new supplier base
  • Contact the right manufacturer for the best quality at the lowest price
  • Provide a wide scale of furniture production capacities in manufacturing countries and develop the best long-term alternative capacities for US retailers
  • Establish smart business alliances to provide clients with long-term, dependable supply chains

Product Development

  • Personalize the process of skilled product development and product engineering according to your needs and specifications
  • Be part of the process of developing and approving samples
  • Get the necessary testing and product compliance before the production of each piece
  • Have high-quality production inspections to secure product quality in bulk production
  • Work with suppliers to maintain everyday quality assurance at the production level
  • Complete the necessary delivery inspections before the first shipment

Order Management and Logistic

  • Secure and follow up shipments as per clients’ orders
  • Follow up and implement optimal logistic setup with best sale solutions
  • Monitor the forwarder’s performance
  • Observe and analyze supplier order management orders