About Us

Our mission

Our mission is to provide end-to-end best procurement outsourcing services for home furnishing products to on and off-line US retailers.

We promise to source the highest quality products available for the lowest possible prices. We specialize in home furniture design and production and work with high-quality manufacturers in Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Israel.

Our team, with years of experience in sourcing and managing supply chain services, is scanning the market day and night to guarantee that our supplier base remains the most cost-effective choice for our customers. Our furniture specialists collaborate with customers to create a unique design meeting their needs in terms of space and price range and help them through the vast range of fabric, color, finish, size, and pricing alternatives.

Thanks to our strong network of business partners and manufacturers in the home furnishing industry, we are operating with the best production capabilities. We take pride in our skilled team of analysts and believe that our highly specialized services for each customer make us stand out among our peers.

BELI PLAST LLC aims to become your first choice of strategic sourcing partner in the home furniture business. For further information, do not hesitate to contact us.

We believe that production follow-up is the most crucial component of trusted services. Therefore, BELI PLAST LLC is ready to protect you by auditing every step of production and delivery from the factory to your destination.


•Provide a wide scale of furniture production capacities in manufacturing countries and develop the best long-term alternative capacities for US retailers
•Establish smart business alliances to provide clients with long-term, dependable supply chains


Supplier selection, Securing product sourcing and new range development from product idea, documentation, sampling, approval, production and delivery and logistic planning as per customer requirements.

Our Team

Martin Stommer

Founder / CEO
Martin is a well-established business coach for 12+ years. His way of coaching and guiding reflects his helpful and friendly nature.

Barbara Cooper

Founder / CEO
Barbara is an award winning coach who has helped over 25+ businesses start and flourish online. She loves interacting and making friends.

Jason Ester

Founder / CEO
Graduating from one of the top universities and an expert in helping IT businesses grow, Jason has been a friend and guide to many budding entrepreneurs.